We are pleased to see very good results for our Bled service deployed by our partner

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Indra makes its bus management system more sustainable with a module that reduces emissions and improves safety by up to 15%

  • It has integrated BLED technology, based on the IoT and big data, into its Operation Support System for efficient and safe driving, thus, in combination with training and incentives for drivers, significantly reducing fuel consumption and incident alerts.
  • Indra has already implemented this feature in flagship projects in Alicante and the Community of Madrid, offering the operator all the information integrated into the control center and minimizing driver stress and increasing their comfort, as well as that of their passengers.
  • Indra, whose technology manages more than 15,000 buses around the world, continues to place innovation at the service of a more sustainable, safer and less polluting kind of mobility.
  • Indra, one of the leading global technology and consulting companies, has incorporated a new, efficient and safe driving module into its bus fleet SAE (Operation Support System), enabling savings of fuel and emissions totaling more than 9% and improvements in well-being and safety indicators amounting to 10% (the increases can be up to 15% in each of the cases).
  • Indra has integrated the BLED technology (https://www.indracompany.com/es/ecodriving) of the Mova Traffic family of solutions based on IoT and big data into its SAE, thus allowing the automation of data collection and analysis of driving parameters, including speed, inertia, acceleration and sudden braking, and environmental, consumption-related and energy-efficiency parameters.

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