What makes Bledsystem a unique and necessary solution for you?

For more than 10 years, Bledsystem has focused on a clear objective: helping public road transport operators to be more efficient and safe. It is backed by a highly specialized company obsessed with eco-driving and with safer and more efficient operations, using state-of-the-art technologies to overcome the limitations of more generalist solutions.

Bledsystem has been successfully deployed in thousands of vehicles in different countries around the world, always achieving outstanding increase in efficiency and reduction in fleet accidents. In addition to these achievements are the high satisfaction rates measured among our most important and difficult to persuade users: drivers and middle management.

Bledsystem goes one step further into the future and is ready for electric vehicles, hybrids and other Zero Emission Vehicles, which will undoubtedly have special relevance in the sector in the short term.

Would you like to improve the efficiency and safety of your fleet?
Bledsystem can help you.

Bledsystem has developed highly specialized tools and methods that help
increase efficiency and reduce the accident rate of public transport vehicle fleets.

Bledsystem is based on state-of-the-art technology that offers you the possibility to evaluate and monitor the performance of your drivers and operations (vehicles, lines…) in a fair way. This is achieved by taking into account the driving context, including traffic conditions, weather, map data and even the number of passengers. In this manner, Bledsystem ensures that drivers’ behavior and operations are only evaluated under comparable conditions and therefore as fairly as possible.

Bledsystem also enables services to improve operations and planning such as, among others:

  • Dynamic assessment of the situation: baselines, energy and safety targets, and an action plan with achieved savings in 8 weeks.
  • Detailed analysis of performance and improvement potential per line, vehicles or drivers for targeted optimization actions (GAP analysis).
  • Enhanced context-aware battery duration and range prediction (dynamically). Customized recommendations for range optimization.

Bledsystem’s AI engine offers highly detailed and personalized recommendations for each asset in your fleet (drivers, vehicles, lines,…). It provides drivers, supervisors, management and depot staff with key actions into fleet performance and of any needed improvements. All this based on several customized SaaS tools for each of the organization’s areas.


Digital tools can achieve significant improvements in your fleet’s performance. However, in the long term, you must continue training and motivating your drivers and middle managers. Bledsystem has developed a unique training methodology with minimal impact on resources, based on its SaaS tools to guarantee continuous learning among operator’s human resources. Bledsystem makes the most of existing human and material resources with the best results.


Driver’s participation is the key to guarantee great results from Bledsystem implementation. We provide drivers with an app with which they can create and organize their own incentive programs focused on gamification. We encourage their commitment by always maintaining a friendly approach and involving them in the continuous improvement process. We also achieve a high commitment by taking data protection very seriously, always ensuring compliance with the EU GDPR.


Technical USPs

Easy implementation

Cloud-based SaaS solution ready to use

Highly adaptable

Fully integrable with any existing SAE system (ITxPT)

Modular system

Different tools and methods for each area within the organization

EV ready

Implementable in Zero Emission Vehicles

GDPR Compliant

Respectful of data privacy

Based on open data

Raw data access is always possible for future integrations

Commercial USPs


Proven long-term successes in several markets

High return on investment

ROI > 200% after the first year based on savings

Subscription service

Very competitive flat rate (€/vehicle*month) agreement

Highly specialized

Bledsystem is 100% focused on driving behavior

Accompanied clients

Implementation monitored and adjusted by our team

Low resource intensity

Bledsystem uses existing resources

About ADN

ADN Mobile Solutions is the company behind Bledsystem. The entire system, from the algorithms to the training methodology, is unique and has been designed by ADN. We are a group of highly specialized people 100% focused on making Bledsystem successful, improving it day by day for more than 10 years.

The ADN team is formed by great professionals with profiles ranging from software developers, hardware designers, industrial vehicle technicians, service managers, system administrators, business developers, salespeople and managers, among others, who make Bledsystem a little better every day.