Bledsystem will be part of the UITP Academy online course on Electric Bus Operations and Maintenance (section: “ecodriving for EV”)

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UITP Academy and Shenzhen Bus Group Company Limited, an operator which has achieved the full electrification of its fleet, has designed this training program offering a comprehensive overview on the operations, maintenance and asset management of electric buses.

During the training, Fernando Aparicio, Business Development Manager at Bledsystem, will deal with “The impact of driving behaviour in the performance of EV bus fleets”.

In a dedicated session, Fernando will show how to successfully deploy ecodriving in EV fleets. The focus will be on homogenising driving styles according to vehicle makers and providing a smooth transition from combustion to EV fleets. Also on how incorporating a continuous improving methodology can decisively contribute to a predictable operation of EV fleets, minimizing potential operational issues.

The course will take place from 13 to 21 September.

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