ATRON and Bledsystem partner to offer integrated solution for efficient and safe public transport fleet management

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Markt Schwaben (DE), and GIJÓN (ES) 8th May 2023 – ATRON and Bledsystem, two leading providers of solutions for public transport operators, have partnered to offer an integrated solution that will help transport companies efficiently manage their bus fleets while decreasing costs and increasing safety in their daily operations.

ATRON, with 200+ employees and 40.000+ buses using its technology, has been at the forefront of innovation for the public transport sector for the last 40 years. It offers transport control solutions (ITCS/AVL) displaying the location of the vehicle fleet and traffic live and in real time. It offers also a wide range of intelligent solutions for ticket sales: from stationary and mobile vending machines, via chip card terminals to browser-based web shops. Finally, ATRON offers fleet and depot management solutions, increasing the efficiency of the depots and the availability of the entire vehicle fleet.

On the other hand, Bledsystem – the operations efficiency and safety solution for road public transport – has been implemented in thousands of buses from top class operators, helping them to reduce energy consumption while increasing safety and operations’ performance. The transport networks of many iconic cities such as Casablanca, Seville, Milan and Malta, among others, are fully covered by Bledsystem.

The partnership between ATRON and Bledsystem provides transport operators with an integrated solution that combines fleet management, fleet efficiency and fleet safety intelligence. ATRON’s data collection technology (ITCS/AVL) will enhance Bledsystem’s capabilities, offering operators the opportunity to fully leverage their available data and turn it into measurable improvements of their efficiency and safety. This will help them achieve their sustainability goals, while also reducing operating costs. Likewise, Bledsystem will enhance ATRON’s offering, adding to its portfolio a solution meeting the sustainability and cost reduction goals among its customers.

About ATRON:

ATRON develops software and hardware solutions for local public transport in the European market. The entire ATRON Group analyses and optimises its customers’ business processes in several locations of ATRON and successfully implements them in solutions. If necessary, existing systems are also integrated and all components are combined to form integrated overall solutions. ATRON relies on open interfaces and not on proprietary systems. In the area of local public transport this increases both the efficiency of public transport companies and the comfort for passengers. So with smart transport solutions, more and more people can be transported climate-friendly from door to door. The ATRON Group is represented throughout Europe with locations in Germany (Markt Schwaben near Munich, Berlin), Croatia (Zagreb), Switzerland (Bronschhofen, Schaffhausen) and Sweden (Linköping).

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About Bledsystem:

Bledsystem unlocks driving operations’ full potential, enabling operators to achieve the highest possible performance in terms of energy and safety. Bledsystem adapts to each operator’s actual and specific context and unique features, ensuring optimal performance in all situations. Bledsystem is currently implemented in many thousands of buses, having the largest market share of bus operators and world-class AVM integrators using driving behaviour-based services. It combines technology with training methods, offering always friendly and effective recommendations as well as a continuous first-class service support. Its recommendations improve the whole operation, focusing on: drivers and eco-driving, lines, vehicles, depots, middle managers and passengers.

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