10 years innovating in data analytics for public transport!

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Back in 2011 a group of engineers from Asturias and a group of researchers from the Universidad de Oviedo realised the importance of advanced driving behaviour assessment to improve the efficiency and safety of fleets. Together they decided to develop Bledsystem.

At that time, there were already other systems monitoring vehicles and offering dashboards to study the information collected, but the analysis was shallow and the conclusions of such analysis were no more than summarised statistical data.

At Bledsystem we took a completely different approach by inferring what the driver does in detail, analysing key situations of inefficient or unsafe driving in order to correct them. More concretely, we characterise a set of behaviour patterns, always taking into account the driving context, including the vehicle and external conditions. By characterising behaviour patterns, geolocating them and observing their repetition, it’s possible for us to find hidden vices derived from the use of old driving techniques, fatigue or lack of anticipation.

Inefficient behaviour patterns are especially amplified in drivers who travel the same route repeatedly, since the problems tend to always appear in the same locations. When corrected, the result is a significant reduction in consumption and improved safety.

Since their first versions in 2011, our analytical systems have evolved a lot: the detail of the data collected, the analysis carried out for operational performance, and the way of working with drivers has been substantially improved. However, at Bledsystem we have remained faithful to our principle that details make the difference. Large numbers can give you a reference, but the deep analysis behind Bledsystem is what allows us to deliver a unique service for the road public transport!

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