Bled system is a modular solution that can be personalized for each client's need.

The solution is divided into three service areas:
Area 1
Monitoring, assessing & planning
Area 2
Transfer program & training
Area 3
Area 1
Tranfer program & training
Area 2
Monitoring, assessing & planning
Area 3
Applus certificates
SLAs of quality of service ISO 20000 and ISO 27001

Area 1 - Monitoring, assessing & planning

Driving efficiency and safety services through AI-based tools. Includes initial technical and managerial support for a perfect adaptation to the customer’s needs.

On-board assistant

On-board driver assistant

Offers real-time recommendations for the driver. Integration with existent AVL/FMS or usage of own on-board unit.

myCated dashboard

Web portal and cloud services

Assessment of fleet efficiency and health based on individual and aggregated indicators. Provides personalised recommendations to all organisational layers. Based on machine learning data analysis.

Bled reporting tool

Reporting tool

Our web portal generates exportable reports for multiple groups of analysis (drivers, services, vehicles…) and the different organisational layers.

Area 2 - Transfer program & training

Design and execution of training program based on Bled tools.

Trainer app

Tools for trainers &middle managers

Our tools allow planning, execution, assessment and follow-up of trainings for the drivers (on-board sessions, workshops…).

Driver certificates

Training assessment reports

Internal reports, certificates and diplomas for drivers and trainers after completion of trainings based on Bleed tools.

Area 3 - Gamification

Communication and gamification tools and measures to achieve an organisation-wide change for higher efficiency and safety

Cated People app

Driver's app & gamification

Personalized machine learning-based recommendations for the drivers and gamification initiatives encouraging them to improve their performance.

Bled external communication

External communication actions

Support to external communication and marketing campaigns to make visible the operator’s commitment to efficiency and safety in its fleet.

myCated communications area

Internal communication & gamification management

Communication between the operator and its drivers through news and technical instructions related to Bled tools. Management of gamification activities such as drivers’ leagues.

4. Bled Services for Excellence in Management

It provides consulting services, in addition to specialized reports and advanced tools to achieve global improvements in operation and safety

Diagnosis panel

Maintenance indicators

Indicators for the preventive maintenance area (Batteries, temperatures indicators so on).

Remote diagnosis

Remote diagnosis

Platform for remote diagnosis and predictive maintenance of the fleet.

TUSSAM garages

Certification & consulting

Consulting for different quality certifications (ISO & AENOR EA0050 Efficient Driving Management System) and for the adoption of new technologies (EVs, etc).

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