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Bled for efficient and safe driving

Growing market need

In recent times, it being observed that Public Transport Operators are progressively requesting solutions for promoting efficient and safe driving.

This is mainly because of the great operational improvements and cost reductions that can be achieved and have been already validated by many big operators.

Current IT suppliers of the operators are in an outstanding position to give them a solution for this.

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The problem

  • IT suppliers of the operators usually don’t have a widely proven and realible efficient and secure driving solution as part of their portfolio.
  • They need to offer it “now” to the existing and potential customers to be competitive in the market, having no time to develop such a complex solution from the scratch (time to market).
  • Therefore, they cannot be competive at tenders or private procurements with efficient and safe driving requirements.

The solution:
Bled for Intelligent Transport Systems

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Currently used by several world-class ITS providers

Designed for

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Context-aware indicators

Complete driving context modelling for achieving a fair and rich assessment.

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AI engine for success

Our machine learning engine provides recommendations and KPIs to the different stakeholders through Bled tools.

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Open source & standard-based

100% open source system based on standards, cloud services, tools and methodologies for easy integration and personalization.

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Unique services for HR, Ops. & Maintenance

Proven tools and useful services for the different areas that seamless integrates to operator’s existing procedures.

integration with AVL/Fleet Management System

Proven references

TUSSAM garages
Bled myCated portal

Guaranteed KPIs

Integration under ITxPT recommendations

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