Bledsystem obtains the contract to supply ATM an eco-driving system– turning Milan into the largest European city to have an eco-driving and operations efficiency system in place!

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We are pleased to announce that Bledsystem has obtained a contract to become ATM’s eco-driving and operations efficiency system for the next 5 years. Bledsystem will be activated in a fleet totalling 874 buses – including a significant amount of EV units.

ATM is one of Italy’s most important public transport operators – standing as a point of reference in Europe for its high performance in multiple indicators, such as operations, engineering and maintenance.

Bledsystem’s CEO, Abel Rionda, has commented on this milestone:

“We are honoured to work with ATM as its platform to help the company meets their indicator targets for passenger comfort, safety and sustainability. This is the right step to consolidate Bledsystem’s leadership in Europe and North Africa: every day more operators and world-class AVL integrators are partnering up with us. Italy, France, the UK, Germany and the Nordics are the natural follow-up markets in our forthcoming two-year expansion plan”.

Abel Rionda, Bledsystem’s CEO
Photo by Stefano Corrada

About ATM

With technologically advanced systems for sustainable mobility, ATM manages since 1931 the public transport service in Milan and in other 96 municipalities in Lombardy and, since 2008, the Copenhagen metro through Metro Service A/S.

ATM’s integrated and sustainable mobility services have contributed to the growth of the Milan metropolitan area and today its metro, buses, trams and trolley-buses serve an area with more than 3,3 million inhabitants. The public transport network in Milan consists of 4 subway lines for a total extension of 100 km. ATM also operates 19 tramway lines with a coverage of 180 km, 159 bus routes that cover more than 1.600 km and 4 trolleybus routes.

About Bledsystem and ADN Mobile Solutions

Bledsystem is the leading solution for eco-driving and operations safety & efficiency in public road transport- ADN Mobile Solutions is the company developing Bledsystem for more than 10 years Bledsystem offers eco-driving SaaS tools and services for public transport operators and integrators internationally. Bledsystem achieves savings in consumption between 6-10%.

Bledsystem holds the largest market share of public transport bus operators and AVL integrators successfully using driving behavior tools and services across Europe. |

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Post images by Stefano Corrada.

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