Aenor and adn publish a new book for the transport sector

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From ADN Mobile Solutions we are pleased to announce the launching together withAENOR of the book titled “Management of energy efficiency in the transport sector”. 

This book develops a practical case focused on optimizing energy efficiency in industrial vehicle fleets from the point of view of reducing energy consumption throughimproved driving efficiency. 

The book is in Spanish for now, but is planned to publish in English in the near future. 

This publication, prepared from our extensive experience, is aimed, among others, at people responsible for energy management systems in organizations of any field of activity, and in particular, those of road transport fleet operators. 

Structure of the book

We have structured the book in two parts. The first oneexplains the main concepts currently used in the implementation of an energy management system and in the performance of energy audits, detailing the practical application of the main requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 50001 standard in the transport sector.

The second part is based on the EA 0050 specification for the efficient driving management system of industrial vehicles fleets, in whose development we have participated. We address the particularization in the field of energy efficiency of road transport fleets , focusing on the reduction of energy consumption through improved driving efficiency.

We guide the reader in a practical way, and based on real cases, every step needed to build and maintain a system of this kind. The benefits are savings in energy consumption and emission reduction, as well as other ones in the field of health and road safety.

More in detail

In recent months we have been publishing in this blog a series of articles related to the management of energy efficiency in road transport. From knowledge acquired with our experience with large fleets we describethe elements of an efficient driving system, going through different types of indicators. All these articles (and others to come) aim to introduce the reader to the different aspects that this AENOR book deals with, where we explain in detail each one of them from a practical approach.

If you want to train yourself in this subject thoroughly and become an expert of this field for your organization, we highly recommend getting your copy of the book through this link (only available in Spanish for now):

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